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Their staff is very rude, liars, cheaters and can't speak English properly. I wanted to purchase contacts from them they quoted me $45 per box said they did not have it in stock.

I requested my prescription and magically they had it in stock. So I again requested my prescription so I can purchase from an online reseller at half the price they finally wrote the prescription.

When I went to place the order the online retailer said they wrote the prescription incorrectly and they would have to contact them. When they did khvc told them that it was expired.

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I find it very very weird that you are in this complain page...this web is for pissed off clients.

:cry They almost ruined my eyesite by ordering for me faulty lenses 3 times on a raw!...When I brought the right prescription to compensate me with a new pair or contact lenses.

I was walking on a blurred vision lenses for almost a month. They tried to blame me for their incapability.

It was dangerous what they did and I had to go over and over again to get what they didn't provide in the first place.

It was a battle up the hill..

Instead to do good on their faulty merchandise: The Manager (a tall woman) threaten to call the police because I was complaining, this means lady: they are doing too often this messup to people.

Simply if you appreciate your eyes, don't put them on their trust, they behive like creeps.


They give you rebates and offer other payment alternatives. Very good customer service, especially Maya, their manager.


I've been going to this place for the past 35 years and they are always extremely nice. They always have an amazing selection, and the girls are always more than happy to assist you.

The only way you might have had a bad experience, would be because you were extremely rude to them. they will alwyas bend over backwards for you to be happy.

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